Recycled PalletsAt Allegheny Recycled Products we design and manufacture pallets of all shapes and sizes to meet your particular need.
We repair 6000 pallets per day and re-manufacture 1000 pallets per week.
If you would simply like to see how much money you can save by using Allegheny Recycled Products, call to discuss your need.
Recycled pallets are the most economical shipping platform available.
We maintain on-hand inventories of the following standard grades and sizes.
If you have an immediate need for any of these pallets, call for a delivery.

Grade Size Description
A+ 48×40 No repair on stringers allowed. Stringers are like new.
Decking is 9/16″ or better.
All pallets have 6″ bottom and top leads and 2″-3″ maximum spacing on top.
Notches are all 9″-6″ off the end of the stringer.
Mid-grade A 48×40 Basically the same as an A+, except stringers can be repaired with staples or plates.
The top lead boards can be 4″ boards as long as there are 8 boards on top (gapping remains the same).
The bottom leads have to be 6″ boards.
A 48×40 Stringers are repaired with staples or plates.
No set deck board thickness.
Pallets can and do have 4″ bottom leads.
All spacing is 2″-4″.
B+ 48×40 Stringers have been repaired with blocks.
2 stringers can have blocks, but not in the same opening.
Deck boards are 80% whole and solidly attached to the pallet.
B 48×40 Any pallet with a block that cannot be a B+.
ODDS Varied Sizes – 36×36, 42×42, 45×45, 48×48, 48×36, Euro, CP1 Based on Availability


You specify the required pallet dimensions and the desired pallet styles. There are many ways to save money dependent on your particular needs.

  • Remanufactured Pallet – Made from all used material.
  • New Pallet – Made from all new material.
  • Combo Pallet – Made from both new and used material.
  • Recycled Pallet – Repaired to meet the original specs.

There are 2 basic styles of engineered pallets: Stringer and Block.


There are 3 different deck styles offered for engineered pallets: Flush, Double Wing and Single Wing.

There are 2 entry types offered for engineered pallets: 2-Way and 4-Way.
2-Way – A pallet without notches in the stringers. Its un-notched solid stringers allow entry from only the two opposite pallet ends.
4-Way – A pallet with notched solid stringers to allow entry from both ends and both sides. Forklift access is through the notched stringers.